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Deva Adore

Sea Tranquillitatis

Sea Tranquillitatis

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Totally bagged one-piece swimsuit with no visible seams, with integrated fixed, super push-up or preformed cups. Brilliant 100% Italian glamorous and refined fabric, doubled in soft, breathable and super comfortable fabric. Romantic in its details with a flavor of other eras. The particular symmetrical oblique cuts on the front and on the legs and the cheeky pleated tulle skirts that fall softly on the hips make it unique and distinctive.


Swimsuit in Lycra® (80% polyamide, 20% elastane), tortoiseshell acetate buckle

Shipping and returns

Free shipping in Italy, free return within 14 days with product replacement or paid in case of money return

Care and washing

Take care of your garment to preserve its beauty and integrity, paying attention in the use of sun creams and oils, washing it delicately by hand in cold water, avoiding aggressive detergents and prolonged exposure to the sun while drying.

Size measurements

XS: bust 80-85 / underbust 68-73 / waist 63-68 / pelvis 88-93

S: bust 85-90 / underbust 73-78 / waist 68-73 / pelvis 93-98

M: bust 90-95 / underbust 78-83 / waist 73-79 / pelvis 98-103

L: bust 95-100 / underbust 83-88 / waist 79-85 / pelvis 103-108

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A shimmering black

These swimwear love the night but surprise in the sun with a shimmering and precious texture. Black is not the absence of color but a rich texture of reflections, like a portion of the cosmos with the dark side of the moon.